Is Solar Thermal Air Conditioning Right for Your Home in Raleigh, Durham & Surrounding Areas?

Deciding whether solar air conditioning is right for you, or whether your HVAC system should be repaired or replaced, can be a complicated decision. This is why Solar 72 works with each of our clients throughout the decision-making process.

Not everyone should replace or retrofit their current HVAC system with a solar assisted one. There are several factors we would look at before replacing even our own systems. These factors help determine if it makes more sense for you to keep the current system and pay the extra costs to keep it running, or take the extra costs and put them toward a new system entirely.

Factors to Consider When Replacing Your HVAC System

As Raleigh-Durham’s solar assisted heating and air conditioning experts, there are several factors we feel are important to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your HVAC system:

  1. What are the costs of the repairs I am currently facing?
  2. Am I facing significant tax liability over the next several years?
  3. If I were to keep my current system operating for three more years, what would it cost me knowing that the average new, properly-installed system will be at least 50% more efficient?
  4. If I were to keep my current system operating for three more years, is it possible that I may need some additional repairs?
  5. Three years from now, will systems be more expensive or less expensive to buy?

Whether your heating and air conditioning system is broken, expensive to repair, or simply too old and costs too much to operate, your decision to repair or replace should be based on a Complete System Evaluation.

When Should You Call Raleigh’s Solar Assisted Heating & Air Conditioning Company?

In certain situations, HVAC replacement is necessary. Consider having solar assisted heating and air conditioning installed by Solar 72 if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • If your system is no longer supported by a manufacturer’s warranty
  • If it is costing you a lot to maintain and is in need of constant repair
  • If your system uses R-22 refrigerant
  • If you have noticed an increase in the cost to heat and cool over the past year
  • If your system doesn’t keep you as comfortable as it used to
  • If frequent breakdowns are causing you to take unnecessary time off from work

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Increase your home’s energy efficiency today — contact Solar 72 to learn more about solar thermal air conditioning and solar thermal heating in Raleigh. We look forward to helping you save money on utility bills while making your home more sustainable. Switching to solar assisted heating and cooling can even get you federal and state tax credits!

Solar 72 offers their knowledge of solar assisted air conditioning systems to clients in Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Southern Pines, Morrisville, and beyond.