Save Money with Solar Assisted Air Conditioning for Raleigh, NC Homes

At Solar 72, we specialize in providing homeowners in Raleigh with solar thermal air conditioning and heating. We rely on technology which uses a solar thermal panel combined with a high-efficiency, two-stage air conditioning system to create the most-energy efficient solar heating and air conditioning system available on the market today. This system works by reducing the workload of the compressor, which in turn lowers the overall power consumption of the system — saving you money on utilities each month.

Solar thermal air conditioning systems qualify for federal and state tax rebates, too! In fact, we offer the only full system that qualifies for a solar tax write-off. Additionally, you may qualify for rebates from your power company.

Experience Peace of Mind with Solar Thermal Air Conditioning Installed By Raleigh’s Solar HVAC Experts

Thinking about installing a new solar assisted air conditioning system or having one retrofitted to your current HVAC system? When you rely on the Raleigh HVAC specialists at Solar 72, you’ll rest easy knowing you:

  • Save money every month on your energy bills by drastically lowering power consumption
  • Have a 10-year parts/labor warranty
  • Have state-of-the-art technology heating and cooling your home
  • Enjoy the most energy-efficient air conditioning system available
  • Experience environmentally friendly and quiet operation
  • Use a reliable technology that has been around 30+ years

The Solar Cool technology we use for solar thermal air conditioners is specifically engineered for HVAC applications. With up to 32 SEER, it has the highest SEER rating available, and it efficiently reduces compressor workload. This product is available only through EST-authorized dealers — like Solar 72.

Call on Raleigh’s Solar Heating & Air Conditioning Experts

Wondering if solar thermal heating and air conditioning is right for you? Contact Solar 72 Today. The experts at our Raleigh HVAC company will provide you with a free consultation and evaluation, where we’ll help you decide if a solar assisted air conditioning system is the right choice for your home. Then we’ll walk you through the installation and maintenance process. Check out our FAQs for more information.

In addition to Raleigh, Solar 72 offers solar assisted heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance and repairs to clients in Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Southern Pines, Morrisville, and beyond.