Solar Thermal Air Conditioning & Heating for Homes in Raleigh & Beyond

Solar Thermal Air Conditioning uses Solar technology to combine a high-efficiency, two-stage air conditioner with a solar thermal collector panel to create the most efficient HVAC system available today. The thermal collector works to heat the air conditioning system’s refrigerant, reducing the workload of the compressor, and therefore reducing the overall power consumption of the entire system.

Choosing a solar assisted air conditioning and heating system to regulate your Raleigh-area home’s temperature can save you money on your utility bills by reducing energy usage — and it can get you federal and state tax credits as well.

How Does Solar Thermal Air Conditioning & Heating Work?

  1. Refrigerant arrives at the compressor as cool, low pressure gas
  2. Compressor squeezes refrigerant, creating energy and raising its temperature
  3. Refrigerant will now leave the compressor as hot gas and flow first into the solar panel, then into the condenser
  4. The solar panel increases the temperature differential and helps maintain better humidity control
  5. Gas enters the condenser coil, begins cooling and returns to a liquid state
  6. Liquid enters the evaporator and begins to evaporate as gas as pressure declines
  7. Heat is extracted from the air surrounding it, which separates the molecules from liquid to gas
  8. As fluid leaves the evaporator, it has returned to the compressor in its original state

The outdoor section of the air conditioning unit contains a compressor, which uses the most electricity out of the whole system. On hot days, the two-stage compressor runs in the second stage, which normally operates from 18-40 amps. By adding a solar panel, your air conditioning unit will stay in the first stage longer and operate between 5 and 12 amps.

Choose Solar 72 for Solar Assisted Air Conditioning in the Triangle & Beyond

Solar 72 offers solar assisted heating and air conditioning in Raleigh and surrounding areas. To learn more about solar thermal heating and air conditioning and Solar technology, check out our FAQs or contact us today. We look forward to helping you increase the energy efficiency of your home — while also qualifying you for significant tax write-offs!

Solar 72 offers solar assisted heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance and repairs to clients in Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Southern Pines, Morrisville, and beyond.